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Dear respected brothers & sisters 


In our small Hornsby community, we have people from various nationalities and backgrounds. We must respect all cultures and schools of thought. InshaAllah our Masjid will facilitate Eid Prayers for both ANIC (calendar) followers and Local Moon Sighting. As we have been doing previously.

Insha Allah, We will have 2 EID Jamats in Hornsby

Both JAMAT will be at 7:30 am sharp.

Jamat 1 on Monday 2nd May 2022, for  ANIC (calendar) followers

Jamat 2 on Tuesday 3rd May 2022, for Local Moon Sighting followers

Location: 75 Hunter Street Hornsby NSW Australia 2077

Please note:

  •  Since the Eid Jamat is on weekdays please park your car in the correct spot and legally. 

  •  Do not block driveways. 

  •  Expect delays in finding the car park. 

  •  Free parking is available at Westfield for 3 hours.

  •  Give yourself extra time to park your vehicle to reach the venues on time

Jazak Allah Khair.

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