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Ramadaan 2022

As-Salam Aliekum Dear brothers and Sisters,


Alhamdulillah we are in the blessed month of Ramdan. A month full of blessings and ibadaat. May Allah Talah accept our prayers, our fasting, and all the good deeds. Ameen.


Please remember that in our small Hornsby community we have people from various nationalities and backgrounds. We must respect all cultures and schools of thought. So in our community, we have catered for both methods of Moon Sighting. 


  1. Tarawih prayers have started on Friday 1st April, for both ANIC (calendar) followers and Moon Sighting. Please come to Hornsby Masjid for Tarawih prayer. 

  2. ISHA Salat begins @ 7:30 pm every day during RAMADAN and throughout the winter. 

  3. We have arranged TARAWIH for both 8 and 20 rakaat prayers, and 2 WITR Salaat, after 8 and 20 Rakaat. 

  4. We have arranged for complete Quran recitation in TARAWIH prayer. 

  5. On the eve of RAMADAN 28, Quran recitation will be completed followed by a brief lecture and dua. 

  6. Every Friday evening there will be a brief bayan after 4th Rakaat of TARAWIH prayer. 

  7. We have arrangements for Ladies praying TARAWIH in Jamat. And children under the strict supervision of parents. 

  8. Please park legally. Do not block driveways. Expect delays for finding the car park. Free parking available at Westfield for 3 hours.

  9. Please donate to the Masjid generously during RAMADAN to pay back our debts. 

May ALLAH SWT help us to unite as one Ummah. Jazak Allah Khair.

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