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Masaa-il (rules) pertaining to Wudhu

Nawaqis in Wudhu

8 things nullify /break the Wudhu

  1. Discharging of Urine, Stool or the excretion of anything from the private parts of the body.

  2. Discharging of gas or passing wind.

  3. Vomiting as a mouthful.

  4. To fall asleep lying down or by resting the body against something.

  5. To faint due to some illness or any other reason.

  6. Becoming insane or going mad.

  7. Laughing aloud whilst in Namaaz.

  8. Flowing of blood or matter from any part of the body.

Makrooh in Wudhu

Committing of a Makrooh act in Wudhu causes the full blessing of Wudhu to be lost although Wudhu will not have to be repeated.

  1. To make Wudhu in a dirty place.

  2. To clean the nose with the right hand.

  3. To talk of Worldly affairs whilst making Wudhu.

  4. To do Wudhu against the Sunnat.

Mustahab in Wudhu

Carrying out a Mustahab / preferable act brings sawaab or reward but no sin if left out

  1. To begin from the right.

  2. To make Masah of the nape.

  3. Not to take assistance from anyone.

  4. To face the Qibla

  5. To sit on a high and clean place

Sunnats of Wudhu

If a Sunnat is left out, the Wudhu is complete but the full sawaab of Wudhu is not gained

  1. Niyyat (intention).

  2. Reciting Bismillah.

  3. Washing the Hands 3 times up to the wrists.

  4. Brushing the teeth with Miswaak.

  5. Gargling 3 times.

  6. Passing water into the nostrils 3 times.

  7. Khilaal i.e. to pass wet fingers through the beard.

  8. Khilaal of the fingers and toes.

  9. Washing of each part 3 times.

  10. Masah of the whole head once.

  11. Masah of both the ears once.

  12. Wudhu done systematically, each element in order.

  13. Washing of each part one after the other without pause, so no part dries up before the Wudhu is completed.

Farz of Wudhu

Farz are obligatory acts. If a Farz is left out Wudhu is incomplete

  1. Washing the face from the forehead to the lower portion of the chin and from one ear lobe to the other.

  2. Washing of both the arms including the elbows twice.

  3. Doing Masah of a quarter of the head once.

  4. Washing of both the feet including the ankles once. If any of the Farz are left out or a hairs – Breadth place is left dry the Wudhu will be incomplete.

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